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Welcome to Tanakon Bed & Breakfast

Welcome to Tanakon Bed & Breakfast. Started in 1996 by Dale & Cynthia Erickson.
Dale is from Mt. Vernon Washington and has lived in Alaska for over 30 years. Cynthia (Esmailka) Erickson born and raised in the Village of Ruby, Alaska which is 125 miles west of Tanana.

Tanakon Bed and Breakfast originated initially by the Ericksons opening their home to people on boats or snowmachines on the Yukon river or stranded at the airport so it fell nicely into place.

At the time the Bed and Breakfast ideas originated there were limited facilities with running water, computer access etc. they had the room and it worked out great for people traveling the village.

The Ericksons, long time Alaskans were perfect for providing a home atmosphere with a lot of history and good company.

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